The Best Automatic Porch Light Timers Available

The Best Automatic Porch Light Timers Out There!

Automatic porch lights are really handy. If you are returning home late, they can help you see the path to your front door. They also allow you to see anyone who is approaching your property when it is dark. Porch lights act as deterrents for burglars. Ultimately, they make you feel safe and secure in …

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Best Smart Dog Door: 2021 Buying Guide

Have you been trying to find the best smart dog door for your home? Dog doors have improved significantly in recent years, and electronic dog doors now include timers, RFID chips, and other technologies to improve security. These automatic doors have features that can make life easier for pet owners. What is a Smart Dog …

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Best 4K Security Camera Systems [2021]: Buying Guide

Summary 4K security cameras provide clear video imaging at an approachable price. With a built-in hard drive, it is possible to store weeks of video footage on the device, rather than having a cloud storage subscription with an expensive monthly fee. And with local storage, you also reduce your system’s dependence on WiFi. While we …

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Best Monitor for Writers [2021]

monitor for writing

Intro As a writer, you have specific demands for your workstation. A writer spends many hours looking at a computer monitor, so any product claiming to be the best monitor for writing must be easy on the eyes. Having a crisp display is essential. But overpaying for a complicated, high-performance device won’t help you in …

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Best Vertical Monitors (for Writing, Gaming, & Coding)

Vertical monitors have existed for many years, but have only recently become trendy in the world of computing. While it may be a new concept for many computer users, coding enthusiasts, software developers, and writers have long known the benefits of a vertical monitor for improving productivity. Adding an extra display is one of many …

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RFID Door Lock: Best Smart Locks for a Secure Home

rfid door lock

Summary An RFID lock uses Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) to provide controlled access to buildings, rooms, or objects. Many people install smart locks in their homes and offices, as a way to maximize security and convenience. This post will answer questions about what they are and how they work, while also providing details on some …

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Automatic Curtains: Motorized Curtains For A Smarter Home

automatic curtain

Summary One of the devices that has fallen behind in the smart home revolution is motorized curtains. Many of us now have automation for everything — lights, security cameras, thermostats, and locks — but haven’t ever considered automatic curtains. By automating this area of your house, you can improve your home’s security while increasing the …

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Best Headphones for Kids [2021]

Best Headphones for Kids – Some Things to Consider Before Buying Headphones For Children Children have become frequent headphone users in recent years. From playing games on tablets to watching online videos and listening to music, users keep getting younger. The importance of finding the right headphones for kids is at an all-time high. With that in …

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Best Bluetooth Headsets for Truckers: 2021 Update

Finding a quality Bluetooth headset is essential for truck drivers. As a professional driver, the long hours on the road are demanding, both on the mind and the body. Having a functional, hands-free device for phone calls, music, or podcasts keeps you safe and energized. And because truckers work hard, you need a device that …

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Sidetone on a Headset: Meaning, History, & Pros/Cons

Many people are confused about whether a sidetone on a headset is good or bad. The simple answer is that it depends on the user and what the headset is actually used for. Personally, I would rather have a sidetone on my earpieces or headphones, especially when I talk to someone using my mobile phone. …

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Peephole Camera: Best Options to Secure Your Home

Summary As home security products get more sophisticated (and expensive), peephole cameras provide a unique opportunity to increase the safety of your home using a security feature that you may already have. If your front door already has a peephole, upgrading it with a camera will be more cost-effective and easier to install than adding …

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Programmable Gaming Mouse for Office Work

Summary In recent years, the gaming mouse has seen an explosion in popularity. A quality gaming mouse provides comfort, ergonomics, and shorter lag times. But one feature that helps gamers can also benefit office workers, programmers, or anyone trying to work efficiently on spreadsheets or word documents. Although the purpose of a gaming mouse with …

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Best Apartment Security System: Looking at Three Systems

best apartment security

DIY home security systems are great for keeping you safe, but what if you have an apartment? Can you use the same systems? You might be able to, but there is one important factor to consider. Many home security systems have permanent installation, which your landlord may disapprove of. If you want the best apartment …

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Best Vacuum for Allergies: Five Models to Consider

best vacuum for allergies

If you are allergic to dust, pet dander, or other common allergens, then you need a vacuum built to properly capture and contain these particles. The best vacuum for allergies will have at least one HEPA filter. Conventional vacuums tend to allow dust to escape from the exhaust port, which only ensures that you’re left …

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