How To Pair Altec Lansing Speaker

In this article, we’ll guide you on how to effortlessly pair your Altec Lansing Speakers with various devices in your home. Whether it’s an Android phone, iPhone, Windows 10 computer, Apple Mac, or even your TV, we’ve got you covered.

Discover the seamless connectivity of Altec Lansing Speakers and unlock the full potential of your music. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to elevate your listening pleasure. Let’s dive into the details!

TL;DR: Looking to pair your Altec Lansing Speaker with different devices? Here’s a quick guide:

  • To pair with an Android phone: Turn on the speaker, enable Bluetooth on your phone, and select the Altec Lansing Speaker in the Bluetooth settings.
  • To pair with an iPhone: Turn on the speaker, enable Bluetooth on your phone, and find the Altec Lansing Speaker under “available devices” in the Bluetooth settings.
  • To pair with a Windows 10 computer: Turn on the speaker, ensure Bluetooth is enabled on your computer, and add the speaker in the Bluetooth settings.
  • To pair with an Apple Mac computer: Turn on the speaker, enable Bluetooth on your Mac, and connect to the Altec Lansing Speaker in the Bluetooth settings.
  • To pair with a TV: Use a high-quality HDMI cable to connect the speaker to the TV’s HDMI Arc port, or check if your TV supports Bluetooth and connect wirelessly. Enjoy your music hassle-free!

What Are Altec Lansing Speakers?

Before we explain exactly how you can pair Altec Lansing Speakers to your various devices, it is worth ensuring that you understand what exactly makes the Altec Lansing Speaker stand out from other speakers that are available for you to buy.

The Altec Lansing Speaker have a deep history as the company that makes them first became involved with music and speakers during the 1920s. However, Altec Lansing and their products are very much a part of the modern music industry.

The reason that the Altec Lansing Speaker is so widely liked and praised by the music community is because of its artful combination of size, style and effectiveness.

All Altec Lansing Speakers are relatively small in comparison to other types of speakers and so can be easily transported to wherever you need them to be.

The stylish design of the Altec Lansing Speaker is also appealing; the combination of sleek black with blue gives the Altec an electric look that ensures that when you are listening to music with it you feel like you are hearing pure electricity when you are listening to your favorite tunes.

Whilst Altec Lansing Speakers can at times seem expensive, they aren’t the most expensive speakers on the market, and are perfect for anyone who really cares about getting the greatest sound possible.

Now that we’ve explained why the Altec Lansing Speakers are one of the best speaker brands around, it’s time to demonstrate how exactly to pair them to any device you want to.

Most users like to pair their speakers to phones of one model or another, but some like to pair them to TVs and computers as well, so we will explain how to do all of these different types of pairs.

Pairing Altec Lansing Speakers with Android Devices

How To Pair Altec Lansing Speaker To An Android Phone

To connect your Altec Lansing Speaker to an Android mobile phone, follow these simple steps. Start by pressing and holding the power button on the Altec Lansing Speaker for approximately three to five seconds to turn it on and initiate the syncing process with your Android device.

Once the speaker’s blue or red light comes on, indicating that it is awake, and begins flashing, it is ready to sync with your phone. On your Android phone, go to the settings and tap on “Connections.” If your Altec Speaker is flashing, enable Bluetooth on your phone and search for the Altec Lansing Speaker under the Bluetooth menu. Once it appears, select it on your phone, and the speaker will be automatically connected to your device.

How To Pair Altec Lansing Speaker With An iPhone

As you might imagine, the process is slightly different for an iPhone. With an iPhone you must do pretty much the same process as with your Android – turn on the speaker, turn on the Bluetooth on your phone but the difference is that with an iPhone you must look for available devices. In the available devices tab you should find the Altec Lansing Speaker.

Whilst the process is pretty much the same as with an Android phone, it is worth checking to make sure that you check under “available devices” rather than “settings” as you won’t be able to pair your Altec Lansing Speaker to your iPhone.

Pairing Altec Lansing Speakers with a Windows 10 Computer

How To Pair Altec Lansing Speaker To A Computer (With Windows 10)

To pair your Altec Lansing Speaker with a computer running Windows 10, follow these steps. Ensure that your speaker is turned on and the blue or red light is flashing, indicating that it is ready to be paired with a device.

Next, turn on your computer, log in, and ensure that it is connected to the internet and has Bluetooth capability. Open your computer’s settings and search for “Bluetooth” in the search bar for quick access to the Bluetooth menu.

Within the Bluetooth menu, enable Bluetooth on your laptop or desktop. After a few seconds, an option to add a device will appear. Click on “Add another device,” and your Altec Lansing Speaker should be listed for you to connect it to your computer.

Please note that these rewritten sections aim to improve readability and user experience while maintaining the accuracy and usefulness of the information provided in the original article.

How To Pair Altec Lansing Speaker With An Apple Mac

You might imagine that the method to connect your speaker to an Apple Mac is somewhat different from that with connecting it to Windows 10.

However, it isn’t much different at all. In fact, all you have to do is turn the speakers on, wait for the flashing light and then turn your computer on.

Once your computer is on, all you have to do is to open the Bluetooth on your Apple Mac and you click connect, then you simply need to wait for the option to connect to your Altec Lansing Speaker to connect. Once it comes up you should be able to connect in moments.

How To Pair Altec Lansing Speaker With A TV

There are two different methods to connect your Altec Lansing Speaker to your TV and we’ll explain both methods.

The first method involved a physical connection between the TV and your Altec Lansing Speaker. To do this you need a high-quality HDMI cable.

You need to have a high-quality connection between the HDMI cable, your TV and your speaker because otherwise the music you will be playing won’t be of the highest quality.

You will want either a high speed or an ultra-high speed HDMI cable because if you don’t have either then you will not be able to get the same kind of quality.

Connect the HDMI cable to the HDMI slot on your TV and then insert it into the HDMI Arc port on the back of your Altec Lansing Speaker. (Note that not every speaker will have this input. Some portable speakers won’t be able to connect in this fashion).

Once both are properly connected and inserted then you should be able to play any music on your TV through your Altec Lansing Speaker.

The alternative method to connect your Altec Lansing Speaker to your TV is to do it via Bluetooth.

Of course, your TV may not have Bluetooth but if it does then you should turn your Altec Lansing Speaker on, then turn your TV on and either go into settings or apps depending on what make or model your TV is.

Once you have found the Bluetooth app then open it and connect.

Once you have connected then wait a few seconds for the TV to pick up the Altec Lansing Speakers signal and automatically connect.

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Why Buying An Altec Lansing Speaker Is A Great Idea

An Altec Lansing Speaker is one of the best speakers around because it has a great sound quality, is easily portable, and can connect to any device you wish it to.

This is why you should ensure that you get an Altec Lansing Speaker because you will be certain to enjoy using it and be able to use it more than any other speaker.

It is easy to transport, and its stylish look means that you will not soon forget this speaker in a hurry.

If you aren’t certain as to what kind of speaker you should get then make sure to not deny yourself the joy of owning a speaker from one of the best range of speakers to ever be made.


Can I connect my Altec Lansing Speaker to multiple devices simultaneously?

For many models of Altec Lansing speakers — no, the speakers typically only allow one device connection at a time. To switch to a different device, ensure the current device is disconnected and follow the pairing instructions for the new device.

What should I do if my Altec Lansing Speaker doesn’t appear in the Bluetooth device list?

Make sure your speaker is in pairing mode with the flashing light indicating readiness. Check if the Bluetooth function is enabled on your device. If the issue persists, try restarting both the speaker and the device and attempt the pairing process again.