How to Pair JLab Earbuds: Ultimate Guide

JLab is one of the many companies making wireless earbuds nowadays. Commonly mixed up with JBL, JLab is a budget-friendly manufacturer that puts more emphasis on the bass in their earbuds than most other brands on the market.

So for those opening up their brand new set of Bluetooth compatible earbuds, they might feel a bit overwhelmed at how to successfully pair the product with the device of their choice. Thankfully, the process is relatively painless regardless of which JLab product you own. 

To start, you will wanna make sure you identify your product, as certain headphones have a different pairing method than others. Once you do, it’s as simple as following the brief guide below.

To make sure you have all your bases covered, we will be going over each product difference and the smart devices you will pair them with.

By the end of this article, you should have comfortably connected your earbuds and will have the information to pair them to any other piece of tech in the future. 

JLab earbuds come in True Wireless, Wireless, and Headphones. Let’s discuss how to pair earbuds from all three branches of JLab products. 

Pairing Your Earbuds (True Wireless, Wireless, Headphones) 

True Wireless Earbuds

The pairing process for these earbuds is going to be somewhat unconventional and not what you are used to, though the steps are still simple enough. 

  1. Remove the earbuds from their charging case and locate the stickers on the back of each bud. 
  1. Peel off the sticker to reveal the power button or touch sensor
  1. Hold down both power buttons until the left earbud has a white light and the right earbud has a blinking blue and white light. 
  1. In the dropdown Bluetooth menu of your preferred device, locate and select the JLab Earbuds
  1. There will be an audio queue as well as two white lights on both earbuds to signify that you have successfully connected your earbuds. 

Wireless Earbuds

If you have Wireless JLab earbuds, the following directions will help you successfully connect to a Bluetooth device. 

  1. On the preferred device you wish to connect to, Toggle on the Bluetooth option. 
  1. On your earbuds menu (This will have an Up and Down arrow as well as a middle power button between the arrows) hold down the middle power button for ten seconds. 
  1. If you did this correctly, a light will alternate between red and blue (below the Down Arrow) to signify that you are in pairing mode. 
  1. Choose your JLab wireless earbuds from the Bluetooth dropdown menu on your device. 
  1. If done correctly, the light at the bottom of your earbud menu will slowly blink blue. If so, you have successfully paired your earbuds. 


A good rule of thumb to know if your JLab headphones are indeed headphones, check to see if they fit over the entirety of your ear or fasten around your ear. If so, then they are indeed headphones and will pair successfully with the steps below. 

  1. On your designated pairing device, turn on Bluetooth settings. 
  1. Locate the power button, which should be directly next to the charging port. 
  1. Hold the power button for 10 seconds until it begins to emit a red and blue light. 
  1. From your device, select your JLab headphones from the Bluetooth dropdown menu
  1. An audio prompt and a blue light on the power button will notify you that your device is successfully connected. 

Connecting Your JLab Earbuds to Smart Devices 

If you still find that getting your device to connect to your earbuds is not working, scroll down until the device you are looking for is mentioned. Due to the variation in JLab products, it may be necessary to follow the above directions and then scroll down to the devices below.

For the sake of not confusing readers, we will not be specifying each category of earbud below but rather we will continue under the assumption that your device is already in pairing mode. 

Pairing With Android 

Google has made pairing with their devices as simple as using their search engine and offers two routes to do it. 

  1. Click on Settings (gear icon) on your Android product and then navigate to Connected Devices > BlueTooth. Similarly, you can move your finger downward on your screen to access the Dropdown Menu. Hold the Bluetooth button until the menu appears. 
  1. Toggle on the Bluetooth button to bring up a list of compatible devices. 
  1. Click on your JLab earbuds and wait a few seconds. 
  1. Your device is now connected to your Android device. 

Pairing With iPhone 

While it doesn’t offer the two options that Android does, the iPhone is still a painless device to pair with. 

  1. Find the Settings (gear/cog icon) on your iPhone, and select it. 
  1. Tap the Bluetooth switch and wait for a dropdown menu of Bluetooth devices to appear. 
  1. Select your JLab earbuds or headphones and allow the device a moment to connect. 
  1. Your earbuds and headphones will be successfully paired with your device. 

Pairing With Windows 

Microsoft has done an exemplary job of making their computers fairly simple to pair with via Bluetooth. 

Option A: 

  1. On the lower-left corner of your screen, select the Start button (Windows icon). 
  1. The menu that pops up will have a Settings option (gear/cog icon) that you can select. 
  1. Navigate to Devices > Bluetooth and other Devices from the Settings menu and toggle on Bluetooth
  1. Click on Add a Bluetooth Device and locate your JLab earbuds from the list of compatible devices. 
  1. Your earbuds are now connected to your Windows product. 

Option B: 

  1. Click on the search bar in the lower-left of your screen and type “Bluetooth and other Devices”
  1. Select the first option that appears and toggle on Bluetooth
  1. From the list of available options, select your JLab earbuds. 
  1. Your device will be successfully connected after a few seconds. 

Pairing With Mac 

The process of connecting your earbuds to your Mac is only slightly more complicated than the iPhone but can be accomplished in a few, easy steps. 

  1. Move your mouse to the top-left corner of your screen and click on the Apple menu. 
  1. Navigate to System Preferences > Bluetooth and toggle on Bluetooth. 
  1. From the list of devices, select your JLab earbuds. 
  1. Your earbuds will be successfully connected after a brief delay. 

Pairing With Smart Televisions 

Of all the devices in this article, Smart Televisions are the most cumbersome. This is due to each television having several different methods for connecting your Bluetooth. Because of this, I will be specifying different directions depending on which television brand you have. 

 Apple TVs will have a separate guide below. 

  1. On your television, open up the Settings menu. 
  1. Navigate to Sound > Sound Out/Sound Output. If you have a Samsung television, Navigate to General > Accessibility and then select Multi-Output Audio
  1. From the list of compatible devices, find your JLab earbuds. If you have an LG TV, locate the LG SoundSync/BlueTooth then go to Device Selection
  1. Click on your JLab earbuds and after a few seconds, you will successfully connect to your Smart TV. 

Pairing With Apple TV 

For those loyal to the almighty Apple, you will be rewarded with a very straightforward, simple process when it comes to connecting your earbuds. 

  1. Go to your Settings menu, then navigate to Remotes and Devices > Bluetooth. 
  1. Locate the search for Bluetooth devices option, then search for your JLab earbuds. 
  1. Your Apple TV may ask for your personal PIN, if so, enter it. Your device will be successfully connected to your Apple TV.

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Bluetooth doesn’t have to be complicated, and frankly, it shouldn’t be. By following the directions laid out in this article, you will never have to concern yourself with connecting your JLab earbuds again.

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